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Consell de Formentera's ethics and governance code published in regional gazette

This week, issue number 114 of the Official Bulletin of the Balearic Islands (BOIB) includes publication of a code of ethics and good governance that was passed at the most recent full-house assembly of the Consell de Formentera, in July.

Labeled the Codi Ètic i de Bon Govern, the directive sets forth values and standards of behaviour for administration officials to follow while on the job. It also establishes a system for revisions and checks to ensure the initiative's success, part of a bid to make local government transparent, effective and efficient.

The measure seeks to foment a culture of integrity and instil a spirit of best practices and conduct, and covers strategies to facilitate good governance and sound public administration. The code applies to the Consell de Formentera as well as agencies associated with, or dependent on, the Consell.

Transparency councillor Rafa Ramírez called the Codi Ètic i de Bon Govern “unprecedented at the local level”, and described it as “a tool to shape a policy of integrity as well as the principles and directive lines of good governance”. Ramírez also called the code was “a work in progress” and said the idea was “retool and add to it”.

The directives are envisioned for individuals associated with the Consell de Formentera. This includes elected members of government, in their capacity as elected representatives and irrespective of their inclusion in administration posts; heads of governing bodies (as defined in the organisational rules of the Consell de Formentera); acting departmental heads for the Consell de Formentera, given the increased autonomy such individuals enjoy in the exercise of their functions; local civil servants whose functions entail national purview; and individuals in government-appointed posts or positions involving special, targeted consulting.

As elected representatives, employees of the president's office and individual councillors must expressly adhere to the code of conduct, irrespective of the posts they may hold within the administration. A special commission will be created and tasked with building awareness around the new rules and ensuring compliance with them.

Billed as “open-source code”, the document will be periodically revised for improvements, or additions, that islanders consider pertinent to reinforce an image of integrity and developing islanders' trust in their local government.

22 August 2019
Communication Departmental
Consell de Formentera

El Consell de Formentera i el Govern balear celebren la primera reunió de treball de la legislatura

reunio-consell-govern-1-La presidenta del Consell de Formentera, Alejandra Ferrer, ha rebut avui a la consellera de Presidència, Cultura i Igualtat del Govern balear, Pilar Costa, en la qual ha estat la primera reunió oficial de treball entre les dues institucions. En aquesta primera presa de contacte s'ha destacat la col·laboració entre el Consell i el Govern de la passada legislatura i s'ha subratllat el desig de continuar amb aquest treball els pròxims quatre anys. A la trobada, també hi han assistit la vicepresidenta i consellera insular d'Habitatge, Majors, Comerç i Emprenedoria, Ana Juan; la consellera insular de Cultura i Educació, Susana Labrador, i la consellera insular de Joventut, Participació Ciutadana i Noves Tecnologies, Vanessa Parellada.

Alejandra Ferrer ha posat com a exemple d'aquesta bona col·laboració, la regulació de l'entrada de vehicles a l'illa i ha destacat la importància que té per a Formentera el projecte del Centre d'Esports Nàutics presentat al pla de l'Impuls de Turisme Sostenible, ja que es tracta d'un centre que “unifica residents i turistes en una activitat i en un entorn, com és s'Estany des Peix, dins el Parc Natural que hem de protegir”. La presidenta del Consell ha incidit en la importància de col·laboració entre totes les administracions de les Illes i de l'Estat “perquè a vegades Formentera es veu afectada per decisions que es prenen en altres destinacions, s'ha de continuar treballant cap a la sostenibilitat mediambiental i social que són les que garantiran una economia perdurable en el temps”.

A la reunió també s'han abordat temes com la rehabilitació de Sa Senieta com a museu de Formentera i les competències d'igualtat i LGTBI que des de gener gestiona el Consell de Formentera.

Per la seva banda, Pilar Costa, s'ha mostrat convençuda que “aquesta legislatura s'intensificaran les bones relacions” de la legislatura anterior i ha confiat que s'arribi a un acord de finançament a través de l'ITS del projecte del Centre d'Esports Nàutics, tan “important per a Formentera”. Costa ha felicitat el Consell de Formentera pel treball realitzat fins al moment en matèria d'igualtat i LGTBI i ha assegurat que el Govern seguirà impulsant el desenvolupament del nou museu de Formentera.

21 d’agost de 2019
Àrea de Comunicació
Consell de Formentera

Summer campers take Earth-smart message to street

escola-estiu-medi-ambient--2-1Setting up a tent and information stands at plaça de la Constitució in Sant Francesc, about one hundred 6- to 12-year-olds from the Consell de Formentera's three summer camps, or Escoles d'Estiu, staged a day of outreach and environmental awareness-building.

Kids canvassed the square, giving businesses, residents and tourists pamplets highlighting the importance of caring for the planet. The young eco-champions displayed bottles with cigarette butts and microplastics that had been combed from local beaches by Plastic-Free Formentera.

The youth decorated posters with messages calling to cut pollution, turbocharge recycling measures and pursue robust environmental action.

Councillor of youth Vanessa Parellada tied the initiative to this year's theme at the Escoles, 'Breathe the Island'. “We're using footfall in the square to create a megaphone for the effort to ditch plastics, boost recycling and slash our current rates of waste generation”, she said. “Youngsters will take over captaining this ship pretty soon, and everyone has a to play in making Formentera a better place.”

16 August 2019
Communication Department
Consell de Formentera

Consell proposes tapping tourism levy to fund Nautical Sport Centre

centre-esports-na--utics 21The Consell de Formentera has unveiled a plan to incorporate construction of the Nautical Sport Centre (CEN), including the relocation of the Municipal Sailing School, into the 2019 “Impulse Strategy” for the Sustainable Tourism Tax. The proposed allowance—1,017,505 euros—would cover the total cost of investment.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Estany des Peix, the CEN is aimed at fomenting an active brand of nautical tourism (snorkeling, sailing, rowing), and, more generally, promoting tourism beyond the traditional summer season. Plans are also in place to leverage the public building to develop environmental awareness.

Environmentally and socially, the island stands to benefit from the CEN. Not only will the centre offer a service that has been requested by local nautical sports enthusiasts, it will mean bundling similar recreational activities under the same roof, which stands to have positive knock-on effects for the tourism sector, particularly in the low season.

Consell de Formentera president Alejandra Ferrer framed the project as “a continuation of last year's bid to regulate moorage in Estany des Peix”—another initiative, bankrolled in 2018, with money from the Sustainable Tourism Levy. Ferrer stressed that the CEN will be “a place by the sea where both islanders and tourists can come together and participate in a wide array of nautical activities, whether for fitness or pleasure”.

19 August 2019
Communication Department
Consell de Formentera

La Mola lighthouse's freshly minted cultural space logs nearly 12k visits in opening month

foto-2019-far-la-mola-31Today the Formentera Council Culture Department shared figures for the first month of public visits at the cultural space that the Consell has operated out of la Mola's lighthouse since 1 July.

The building received some twelve thousand visitors in July. Roughly ten thousand people came in the first week alone as part of the open days and free admission to commemorate the site's opening. The remaining 1,973 visits were recorded during the final three weeks of July.

In celebration of World Lighthouse Day today, culture councillor Susana Labrador had a message for locals who hadn't yet stopped by for a visit. “Come see it”, she said, “and learn how Formentera's history is entwined with the sea and lighthouses”.

A monument to civil engineering, la Mola's lighthouse was designed by Emili Pou Bonet and completed in 1861. Today the building houses a space which is devoted to culture and to showcasing Formentera's maritime heritage. It is divided into two clearly distinct exhibition spaces. The permanent exhibition explores its main focus—the sea—from a variety of angles: the marine environment, natural resources management, navigation and light signals. A second space is dedicated to temporary art exhibits.

Exhibit from Erwin Broner
Since 19 July, the temporary gallery has hosted an exhibit from Erwin Broner—Obres del llegat de Gisela Broner a Catalina Verdera Ribas—that will continue through 12 October.

Visiting hours and admission
The far, or lighthouse, as well as the display, are open to visitors from 11.00am to 2.00pm, Tuesday to Sunday, and evenings from 5.00pm to 9.00pm on Wednesdays and Sundays. General admission costs €4.50. Admission is waived for Formentera residents, youth under 18 and the unemployed, and pensioners and students pay €2.50.

7 August 2019
Communication Department
Consell de Formentera

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